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What I see are teens who are at least aware that such atrocities are happening in the Philippines.
Forgive the cynicism, but my first thought upon reading about these university students that had posed like the victims of extra-judicial killings was one of relief: at least these teens knew these atrocities were happening at all.  Many may feel the photos ...
Assessing the Duterte administration and the Disruptor-in-Chief.
Now that we are formally one hundred days into the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, it has become apparent that he has been taking on a new role: Disruptor-in-Chief (thanks to Ms. Shawn Yao for pointing this out). Frankly, our status quo did need disruption and, ...
By the numbers: Extrajudicial killings, human rights violations, impunity, corruption, the squandering of our economic dynamism. For the aggrandizement of one family.
Denying Martial Law is a denial of the pain and suffering of victims and their families. Blood money will not assuage that, though it will help the victims. It is a recognition of their suffering, of all they went through, small though ...
"We find ourselves in the strange position of according Lauren’s killer and his handlers the presumption of innocence they never gave her."
It must be a sign of the times that it took me at least a week to make up my mind whether I was going to write this article or not, for reasons that will be self-evident to any Filipino who’s lived through ...
In March 2015, we asked the then-Mayor of Davao City what he would do if he were President.
Editor's note: Back in March 2015, eight months before the then-Mayor of Davao City announced his bid for the presidency, Esquire Philippines published an in-depth interview that covered, among others: the Davao Death Squad and allegations of extrajudicial killings; his stand on the ...
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