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Masking up is still extremely essential.
I would be willing to venture a guess that you, dear reader, are just as tired of thinking about this ongoing pandemic as I am. I get that! I really do. So I'd understand if you told me that buying a new ...
Oprah wears the Airinum face mask, so maybe you should wear it, too.  
We may have to upgrade to this cool-looking Airinum face mask. With recent reports indicating a resurgence in COVID-19 cases—perhaps, people, thinking that, hey, the vaccines are here, are not wearing masks or practicing social distancing as strictly as before—it’s not the ...
The math depends on your mask's material.
Did you know homemade face masks made of cotton are about 20 percent more effective at filtering out small particles like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, than silk or flannel? And have you heard that after two weeks of wearing any of these three ...
How do you dispose of your face mask?
We’re in a bit of a pickle here. On one hand, we need a face mask (and plenty of it) to protect ourselves against coronavirus, and wearing one (and more and more) has helped slow COVID-19’s spread, so that’s all good.   On ...
There's a reason it's popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Under Armou’s Sportsmask was a big hit when it was launched in June, so much so that it was almost always sold out whenever and wherever you tried to get it. The folks at UA were apparently aware of the huge demand and ...
Something to match the label's P50,000 face shield.
Fresh from testing the waters by releasing a $1,000 (approximately P47,000) face shield, Louis Vuitton is going all-in on pandemic gear with a new set. This time, the French luxury fashion house has created a more regular take on personal protective equipment ...
There are a lot of bad masks out there. This is not one of them.
There are a lot of bad masks out there. (Disclaimer: Masks will save your life, so technically all masks are good, but stick with me for the sake of the bit.) Masks that don’t fit your face, obviously. Masks with text on them: “I’m actually ...
See the official Apple Face Mask in action.
The rest of the world finally gets to see what the Apple face masks look like. Unbox Therapy, the hugely popular tech YouTuber, whose gig is, well, unboxing and then trying all the coolest stuff, showed off the two kinds of Apple-approved ...
Here are a few reminders.
It is a strange world when the release of a face mask by a Japanese clothing brand is the biggest fashion news of all. But here we are. Uniqlo’s much-awaited Airism face masks will be available for purchase in all its stores ...
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