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It comes just after the federal court's dismissal of two antitrust complaints.
It's official: Facebook is now one of the few companies that are valued at over a trillion dollars. According to Yahoo Finance, the company's market cap is sitting at $1.008 trillion.In doing so, Facebook just became the youngest company to reach that ...
Facebook believes these are under the editorial control of their government.
Facebook has started labeling what it believes to be state-controlled media organizations in the Philippines. The measure seeks to hold pages accountable. According to Facebook, "state-controlled media" are media outlets that Facebook believes may be partially or wholly under the editorial control of their government. This ...
Deakin asks: Do you really need a license for choosing fabrics for your home?
Can an unlicensed designer dispense advice about people’s homes? Put another way: if you were redecorating your home, can you accept design tips from an unlicensed designer?ALSO READ: ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERSThe Best Interior Designers and Decorators in the PhilippinesThe Best Architects in ...
This should serve as a warning for everyone to secure our online profiles.
Social media platforms like Facebook have changed the landscape of connecting people, establishing common interest groups and communities to pursue passion projects, hobbies, and activities. For over 10 years, Tuason Racing School (TRS), the country’s first and longest-running professional racing school managed ...
Facebook is allegedly collecting unauthorized data for market research.
Facebook is being accused of allegedly spying on Instagram users through the cameras on their mobile phones.Top Story: World's Most Expensive Tree is Being Poached in the Philippines A complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco by user Brittany Conditi said the social ...
The tech giant announced a significant change to its Terms of Service. 
Since its founding in 2004, Facebook has always championed online connectedness and the open sharing of information among its users. But in the last three years, Facebook has purged billions of accounts that violated its rules. Below is a notification sent by Facebook on ...
And we put together a couple of our own.
If you woke up this morning and your Facebook feed was filled with avatars of friends, well, you're not alone. Top Story: How Wealthy Was the Rizal Family?Some loved the good vibes and quickly came up with their own, while others had something snarky ...
More than a few industry favorites have now signed on to the #StopHateForProfit campaign.
Over the weekend, a growing number of brands announced their participation in an advertisement boycott on Facebook in protest over the social media behemoth's reluctance to more stringently police the content on its platform. Facebook has often found itself embroiled in controversy ...
Some of the companies are boycotting all social media platforms, including Twitter.
The world’s biggest social media platform is facing a reckoning as more and more big-ticket companies have announced ad boycotts because of Facebook's hands-off policies on misinformation and hate speech. Also read: 8 Filipino Actors Who Married into High SocietyFacebook has refused to police ...
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