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Facebook has removed all content of TNP Media and 219 other pages managed by Twinmark Media Enterprises Inc.
Facebook has banned digital marketing group Twinmark Media Enterprises Inc. and all its subsidiaries from its platform.The social networking company announced that among the pages it has removed are "Filipino Channel Online" (10.4 million followers), "Gorgeous Me" (5.7 million followers), "Unhappy" (4.9 million followers), ...
There's a whole article about a fake tweet.
Hooliganism is the sociological term used to describe violence in sports—usually in reference to brawling and rioting between fans or players. Yesterday, the hooligans took to the Internet, and duped the Manila Bulletin into publishing an article based on what has been reported ...
Also: Why Mocha doesn't matter, and why she does, and why we shouldn't care, but we do.
Everything Mocha does is magic. She accepts an alumni award, and her fellow alumni return their own awards amidst public clamor, until finally the president of the alumni association resigns. She did return the award, but not without managing to launch another thousand ...
Jover Laurio is filing a civil and criminal case against her bashers.
The witch hunt for the person behind the Pinoy Ako Blog has come to an end, and it isn’t pretty. Law student Jover Laurio, 36, has come forward as the administrator of the blog, after experiencing online harassment from followers of Thinking ...
Purveyors of fake news will always be losers.
Seems like everybody was tuned in to the hearing by the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, ostensibly to talk about #fakenews online. You can’t blame them, because it was entertaining—like watching the Senate equivalent of the Conor McGregor vs. ...
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