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Stanible is a gamechanger.
Ever wish you could get into NFTs but the whole thing just feels so complicated and intimidating? A new app is making it easier to get into NFTs and would allow hardcore fans to shop for digital stuff created by their favorite ...
If a woman covers half her face with a fan, it means she's asking you to follow her.
Similar to the vinyl record player or the film camera, a traditional hand fan or the abaniko possesses unparalleled craftsmanship that will rival any of its modern counterparts.But more than its design, novelty, and original purpose of cooling us down, the fan played ...
No more sneezing and watery eyes for me.
I must admit I’m no technology geek. But ever since I was introduced to the sleek Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with its powerful digital motor last year, I’ve become a Dyson convert.And so when I was invited to fly to Kuala Lumpur overnight ...
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