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Say hello to ‘Goood Burger’ and meatless Whopper.
Two major restaurant chains are making moves to offer plant-based items in their menus. Pizza outlet Shakey’s and fast-food favorite Burger King both now offer meatless burgers available in their menus. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on on Monday, November ...
It preserves the original glory of the building.
Most of us have a mental image of what a fast food restaurant looks like: hard linoleum tables and even harder chairs, soda-stained floors, bright lights that give you a headache as soon as you finish your value meal. It's always refreshing ...
It’s the latest acquisition of the Davao-based businessman.
Dennis Uy’s Udenna Corporation has acquired the master franchise of quick-service food chain Wendy’s in the Philippines. The Davao-based entrepreneur made the acquisition through his wholly owned food subsidiary Eight-8-Ate Holdings Inc, according to The Philippine Star.This is the latest addition to Uy’s growing portfolio of ...
Or should we say...behind their menu
There have always been rumors of a secret menu at McDonald's. In other countries, there are talks of a Big Mac Chicken or a a Monster Mac. There was that 10-piece Chicken Nuggets option that was eventually overshadowed by the widely covered ...
The value meal came from the mind of an enterprising Pinoy.
It's hard to imagine going to your favorite fast-food chain without ordering a value meal, or at the very least seeing it on those overhead menus. You probably nurse your favorite's order number and you know how to customize it as well.But there was ...
And he has a huge Happy Meal house to aptly shelter his 10,000-piece set.
We talked to Percival Lugue, the man with the world’s largest collection of fast-food restaurant toys, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records in 2014. He told us about the dream that inspired it all, getting serious at a young age, ...
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