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Here’s more proof that fatherhood can give men a fresh sense of purpose in life.
It has often been said that when couples become parents, they appear to become less likely to embrace healthy behaviors: They lose sleep, gain weight, eat more, and exercise less. This can manifest not only in new mothers but also in new fathers, ...
He used his disorder to turn a weakness into opportunity.
Most parents worry or panic when their kids are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, already imagining the struggles that come with the condition. But raising a child with ADHD is no different from raising a child without it. Just ...
And why 'please' is the worst word to teach a child
My four-year-old knows some pretty bad words. ‘Dickhead’ is one. He shares a car with me sometimes, and he’s picked up the word ‘dickhead’ from me, and I know this because he called his one-year-old brother a dickhead three nights ago. Similarly, ...
It's the most insidious way possible to introduce your children to the evils of capitalism.
It finally happened. I finally have concrete proof that I’ve failed at being a parent in 2019.In the past, I’d heard other parents tell similar anecdotes, but I always wrote them off with a brusque "didn’t happen." But it does happen. It did ...
These ballpark figures for your child’s tuition fees in the future will shock you.
You may have young kids at present, but we’re sure you’ve put some thought on securing your children’s futures as early as now. That includes saving up so you can send them to top schools to maximize their potential and ensure they have ...
My wife's pneumonia has piled on the pressure, but I'm crushing it.
My wife, god bless her, has pneumonia. She woke up one morning with a cough that sounded like a metal sheet being ripped apart, the doctor gave her an entire Tour de France worth of steroids, and she’s been in bed ever ...
Because little Daenerys will never forgive you
So, you named your kid Daenerys. On one hand, at least you’re not alone. According to reports, there are 163 little girls named Daenerys currently running around America, and a handful more in Britain.But on the other hand, YOU NAMED YOUR KID ...
Why you don't need hectoring, pestering parenting books in your life
I am drowning in parenting books. Somehow, the entire publishing industry has twigged that I write about families, and now three or four new parenting books plop through my letterbox without fail every week. And that’s a shame, because I am never ...
Marvel's desperation to court children feels nefariousness
A week ago, my son was into whales. He could identify six or even species of whale by nothing but silhouette alone. He knew where they lived, what they ate, how comparatively big they all were. He knew what a bowhead whale ...
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