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A new study says young men need to get a grip.
Have you noticed that the young interns in your office have weak handshakes? Don't take it personally—their entire generation may just be physically weaker. The Washington Post reports that a new study shows that millennials, and especially millennial men, scored lower than their parents' ...
Dad has everything, but he can never have enough steak.
It's the hardest gift to get. What do you get the man who has everything? Spare yourself the expensive present and get him something he'll never forget: a memorable meal with the family. These steak suppliers will easily make your Father's Day ...
Choose a gift that he’ll use every day. 
In your long complicated history, Dad has shown his love by showering you with gifts and, frankly, you’ve had no problem with that. Now that you’re all grown-up and also don’t want to say The Words, you can do as he did ...
Give him something not boring. 
Who says being and cool and stylish is only for young adults and scary teens with unlined faces, great hair, and allowances? If you, a dad, or your Dad wants to be hip, first don’t use the word hip. Next, dress the ...
Raising a young man, his sister's son, Rico Quimbo figured out when best to let go.
An accidental parent. That’s probably the best phrase to describe how I was thrust into a role I had not seriously considered for myself. I was the only doctor in a large family and I just returned to Manila after spending a good ...
Habijan learns about what Pride truly means through her father, a devout Catholic.
Before coming out as a transwoman, my biggest fear was: Will my parents, especially my Papa, accept me? Could a tough, well-respected educator and an active, devout, Catholic church leader stand seeing his first-born son transform into a woman? What would others ...
Wherever you take your dad on Father's Day, it's important that he feels pampered.
Father’s Day is the one time of the year when dads are treated to the best restaurants, hotels, or getaways. If you haven'te figured out where to take him yet, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the best places to treat your ...
Help dad look good forever.
It can be quite the challenge to think of Father’s Day gifts for your dad, a man who may very well have most things, if not everything at this point. But if there’s one aspect of his life you can help him with, ...
Amid the chaos of lingering emotions, a father remembers to ask his firstborn if he is okay.
Dear Paolo, In our family, there is one day in our lives that will forever live in infamy.  May 23, 2009.  We lost a major part of our small family on that day. Lola Daisy, your cousin Anton and his Yaya Tess, and your only ...
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