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How a man of God committed the worst mortal sins.
It all began with a string of strange murders in Pampanga in 1810. One by one, the bodies surfaced in the town of colonial-era Magalang. Spaniards and FIlipinos alike were swept up in wave of wave of curiosity along with brow-raising worry and ...
Which former president was slapped with frustrated murder and 14 years in jail? Find out how it all boiled down to one kiss in this 18th century gossip blast.
Courageous, loyal and principled–we were all taught that our heroes were golden boys (and girls). Insider A tells me different; below are the hottest scandals and secrets of these golden highnesses. From the mouth of the former president that spoke the immortal ...
The Christmas Truce of World War I proved the power of peace.
Wars are fought by soldiers, puppets of the powerful men who stay far away from the battlefield. It’s these soldiers who endure the worst of the carnage, but even in times of desperation, it is they who find hope where others cannot. ...
Esquire editors Sarge Lacuesta and Yvette Fernandez take on the wonderful world of throwback television.
Sarge Lacuesta: My childhood TV revolved around two shows: Three’s Company (with Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers, and the late John Ritter) and Iskul Bukol (with Tito, Vic, and Joey). So: a then-implausible setup with a man and two women living under one ...
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