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The International Olympic Committee wanted it on the medal.
Every Olympic gold medal has an interesting image on the back. It depicts a winged woman carrying a palm branch. She is standing in front of a large stadium.The woman on the medal is actually the Greek goddess Nike, whom the footwear ...
The Olympics, aka a giant orgy.
Bed-hopping is the ultimate Olympic past-time. In 2012, ESPN released a shocking expose on the, ah, boisterous activities that went on behind closed doors. American Olympian Josh Lakatos once compared the village to a brothel, saying “I’ve never witnessed so much debauchery ...
From dreams and memories, recollections and conversations, we get a glimpse of the elegant life of Celia Diaz Laurel.
Celia Diaz Laurel, the acclaimed theater actress, painter, author, lover of all things beautiful, and wife of vice president Doy Laurel, died at 93 years old on July 12. She accomplished much in her glorious and outsized life, but perhaps her greatest ...
‘Wing of the Locust’ is a tale about a young mambabarang. 
“Tuan escapes his mundane and mediocre existence when he is apprenticed to Muhen, a charming barangay wiseman. But as he delves deeper into the craft of a mambabarang, and its applications in espionage, sabotage, and assassination, the young apprentice is overcome by ...
He was paid P150 a day for manual labor. 
Renejay Barcarse, 18, is the most popular pro player in Esports in the Philippines. He has over 14 million supporters across his social media platforms. He is one of the most valuable members of his team, NXP-EVOS. He is also a content ...
The introvert creator describes his work as his 'sanctuary.'
Eman San Andres is an introvert. That’s why, when his creations went viral the past week, he was shocked. San Andres is the brains behind the Kalsada Heroes digital art series, which includes 11 characters such as Mamang Sorbetero and Magtataho.When asked ...
The plant is critically endangered. 
There is a very rare and unknown plant that grows in the forests of Bicol, Philippines, and scientists have only recently documented its existence. The Amorphophallus caudatus belongs to a family of voodoo lily, which is also a member of the gabi plant, whose ...
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. 
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of Filipinos get to have the same experience—it is produced in small quantities, and is not available to a lot of places in the country. This heritage food is produced by ...
But it is in danger of disappearing forever. 
Twnety-five-year-old University of the Philippines botanist Maverick Tamayo was doing reconnaissance fieldwork on Mt. Komkompol in Bokod, Benguet when something caught his eye’s attention. A fiery-red flower hanging from a tree. “I was checking for plants that attach themselves to tree trunks when ...
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