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Like all other kinds of collectibles, it’s more about building a relationship with a pair of shoes than worrying about the colorway release you missed.
It all started with discovering local barangay courts, playing with grade school friends after classes, joining high school varsity teams, and watching Michael Jordan soar through the air like a god. This is what most sneaker lovers would say. The history of ...
Felipe and Sons kickstarted a renewed interest in revolutionizing grooming for men, elevating the no-frills cut and shave to an art form.
There isn’t a dictionary entry for “barberdashery,” a term that describes the barber shop-slash-haberdashery that is Felipe and Sons. And perhaps that’s a good thing, as it’s given the partners behind the grooming establishment the freedom to run free with their idea ...
Esquire talks to the inimitable Angel Aquino about growing up ugly, aging fearlessly, and her favorite four-letter word.
At seventeen, ANGEL AQUINO was discovered by a production designer while she was loitering at an out-of-the-way mall. “No one goes there,” she said. “You’ve never heard of it.” She tells me the name of the mall and I pretend to have heard ...
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