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Can our national hero actually be a serial killer?
It’s always fun to imagine alternate history scenarios, especially when they involve well-known personalities. There are tons associated with Dr. Jose Rizal (was he really the father of Adolf Hitler?!), but an interesting one has our national hero and Jack the Ripper ...
Historian Ambeth Ocampo says Rizal would be a foodie, too.
If Jose Rizal were alive today, what would he have been up to in these uncertain times?In an entertaining video released this week, Alon Philippines asked historian Ambeth Ocampo, “What if Jose Rizal were alive in lockdown 2020?”READ MORE ABOUT JOSE RIZAL:Jose ...
The author dedicates the short story to "the memory of Kian, Emmanuel, Myca, Kim, and countless others, and their nameless constellations in the gloaming."
Richie stood by the water's edge, and took off his mask at the foot of the crimson bridge marking the halfway point of their escape. The little Lumad girl was still asleep, cooled with the half-rolled down window, hidden in the blanket-lined ...
News clippings of the account were even found in Nabokov’s journal.
Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita was a short story-turned-novel, which was published for the first time in 1955. The controversial book has been deemed a classic until today, despite many other tomes that have been published since then. Bookworm or not, everyone is probably ...
Read an entry from Jose Dalisay's latest anthology of short stories Voyager and Other Fictions.
Author’s note: I began writing “Voyager” in 1983 as my outraged response to the assassination of Sen. Ninoy Aquino; I thought that dating this piece to 1883 would make that clear. And then—as often happens with well-intentioned propaganda—I hit a wall in ...
In City Stories, Esquire editor-at-large Sarge Lacuesta revisits his favorites from his own collection of stories written and published in a span of two decades.
Award-winning author Angelo R. Lacuesta has just released City Stories, his personal selection of his favorite stories published over the last 20 years. Through these short stories, Lacuesta revisits the cities of his past, from the concrete and sunlit streets of his childhood ...
A rich housewife has an affair with her personal trainer and heads back to her childhood home. Read an excerpt from Caroline S. Hau's Tiempo Muerto.
In her debut novel, author Caroline S. Hau digs deep into her Filipino heritage to present readers with an enthralling read about the disparities of socioeconomic classes. In Tiempo Muerto, published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press, Hau’s two heroines come from ...
The collection will be launched at Komikon 2018 in November.
After Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer-cited Maus, or even Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, no philistine has dared suggest that comic books (aka graphic novels) aren't capable of being works of art themselves. But if we ever need that reminder, Sarge Lacuesta's Stay: 21 Comic Stories demonstrates the potential power of the ...
In the sealed section of our February 2017 issue, an excerpt from Ian Rosales Casocot's upcoming anthology Don’t Tell Anyone.
FOR L.Something people will never understand, if ever I begin to tell the story of how we met, but more so how we made love for the last time, if making love were the right words for it: You had a small ...
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