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The two Filipino dishes placed 52nd and 37th on Taste Atlas' 100 best stews list.
The storied kare-kare, or ox tail stewed in peanut sauce (but who calls it that anyway?), and kaldereta apparently cracked Taste Atlas' 100 best-rated stews. Of course, they don't need to tell us how good they are. They're part of the fiesta ...
Unfortunately, Taste Atlas can't say the same about balut.
We love tortang talong because it's simple. You get your eggs, dip the eggplants in the mixture, toss in a little salt and pepper, and you're good. Apparently, the international culinary scene loves it, too.Yes, the humble tortang talong is making waves ...
The award-winning Swiss Chef discovers Philippine Cuisine. 
Chef Fabio is a multi-awarded chef of Restaurant Zum Äusseren Stand in Bern, Switzerland. Born in the town of Schaffhausen, he has earned 15 points from Gault & Millau, has one Michelin star, and was named 2021 Koch des Jahres (Cook of the ...
From kwek-kwek to kare-kare, Filipino food is colorful, interactive, yet refined at Hapag.
“It’s Filipino,” replies chef Thirdy Dolatre, when asked to describe the concept of Hapag. It doesn’t claim to be modern. It doesn’t promise classics with twists. It doesn’t even aim to redefine anything. It’s simply, humbly, proudly Filipino.Yet the restaurant is void ...
Berde invites you to try a different kind of Filipino food.
Looking for a quick, tasty, and healthy meal in the middle of Makati’s CBD for lunch can be quite a letdown. Usually, a restaurant can only cater to two-thirds of the criteria—quick and tasty but not healthy, or totally healthy and quick ...
Chef Mikel Zagurre has a new menu that might just make you forget about the sizzling sinigang.
In the three years that I've known the 30-year-old chef Mikel Zaguirre and after numerous menu additions and revisions, it's only now that I've mustered up the courage to ask him about the shallots, cherry tomatoes, and garlic. See, if you've been ...
Siblings Christine and Peter San Diego serve heirloom dishes worthy of their prime Makati spot at Damiana's Kitchen.
If you are currently a thriving restaurateur or even a happy eater in Legazpi Village, you might want to thank Christine San Diego. Over 20 years ago, restaurants on the streets of Makati's business district were not allowed by the Ayala-led neighboorhood association. ...
Clinton Palanca proposes a radical solution to being noticed on the global stage. Step 1: Don't care so much.
After many long years of wandering unloved in the wilderness, Filipino food has finally gone from being continually “on the cusp of being the next big thing,” to emerging from the shadows and moving into the limelight. At long last, our cuisine ...
It's time for Filipino produce. And farmers, too.
If this is the time for Filipino cuisine, then it may well be the time for Filipino native produce and ingredients, too. One exciting offshoot of the hard-fought campaign to popularize Filipino cuisine on the international stage is that it may also ...
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