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La Fang's dishes were inspired by the cook's Ilonggo background.
The kitchen is the heart of a home. Often, it’s where older generations get to teach younger ones about their family recipes and food experiences. It’s a way to pass the torch while bonding together. It’s also the birthplace of many authentic ...
She's not the only celebrity who loves it.
Filipino cuisine has been on the rise in the international food scene since the last decade, starting in 2012 when Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern predicted that our local dishes would be "the next big thing.""Everybody loves Chinese food, Thai food, Japanese ...
You can get a chance to sample a few favorites of Jose Rizal.
Every year, the Diamond Hotel in Manila celebrates Philippine Independence with a specially curated spread of Filipino cuisine at its buffet restaurant, Corniche. The hotel often invites a celebrity chef to man the kitchen and whip up exciting new dishes that draw ...
Chef Jam Melchor is clamoring to make food a national heritage and you should, too.
Chef Jam Melchor is on a mission: to take Philippine cuisine up a notch by lobbying to make it a national heritage. “It’s misunderstood,” he says. “People think it doesn’t have its own identity. It always comes secondary to foreign cuisines. When ...
Sangkap is all about changing the way you understand Filipino cuisine.
Despite its sinister interiors—gray walls, long blackboards, and deep brown tables and chairs—there is something immensely festive about Sangkap, a newly opened restaurant on Captain Javier Street in Pasig.Perhaps it's the brisk service, the number of tables occupied the time we visited, ...
Clinton Palanca proposes a radical solution to being noticed on the global stage. Step 1: Don't care so much.
After many long years of wandering unloved in the wilderness, Filipino food has finally gone from being continually “on the cusp of being the next big thing,” to emerging from the shadows and moving into the limelight. At long last, our cuisine ...
People will interpret our cuisine the way they like. We wanted this so we have no choice but to deal with it.
It was in 2012 when Andrew Zimmern boldly declared that Filipino food was going to be the next big thing. He went on the record on, predicting, “Two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking ...
It's time for Filipino produce. And farmers, too.
If this is the time for Filipino cuisine, then it may well be the time for Filipino native produce and ingredients, too. One exciting offshoot of the hard-fought campaign to popularize Filipino cuisine on the international stage is that it may also ...
Agos merges different cuisines to represent the ultimate Filipino fare.
“Here, we pronounce it pa-eh-lya,” corrects Chef Mike “Tatung” Sarthou good-naturedly as we scan through the seven-page selection of his new restaurant, Agos. “It’s a dish that’s already become a part of Filipino cuisine, and in the Philippines, we call it pa-eh-lya not ...
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