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It’s not all inane comedies and tired old dramas.
There are few things more relaxing than settling in with popcorn or chips to watch a movie at home after a long day. Streaming sites have a nearly unlimited option for just this reason, and Netflix, in particular, has quite a selection ...
Erik Matti shares his list of the most important Filipino movies.
Filipino movies have been getting a lot of flak in recent years, with popular or mainstream films often criticized for being low budget, badly produced, or awfully written. But there was a time when the Filipino movie industry was on a roll. The '70s ...
There's a lot that goes into producing films.
Earlier in February, acclaimed director Erik Matti took to Facebook to talk about the local film industry, saying that it is "on life support." He laments how multiple PInoy films didn't make it big in the box office despite marketing efforts and good storytelling. Fellow filmmakers Mike ...
Time for a movie date.
It's always a good thing when Pinoy indie films are screened after their premiere. It's even better when those screenings are free. So you might want to mark your calendars because CCP will be doing free screenings of Cinemalaya films, including 2018's ovation-worthy Liway, until March 28. The screenings will be held ...
Every day can be "fries-yay!" (We tried.)
As the mind behind the thought-provoking Honor Thy Father, the intense On the Job, the spine-chilling Seklusyon, and the heart-pumping BuyBust, Erik Matti is once again pushing the envelope in his new film, Yo! The movie, set to premiere in 2019, is going to be filmed completely on green screen. And by the looks ...
And you can stream it for free.
Acclaimed auteur Mike de Leon isn't one to shy away from controversial topics, especially with films like Kisapmata, Batch '81, and Sister Stella L. His latest feature film (and first after 17 years), Citizen Jake, takes on the corruption that haunts Philippine society thanks to political dynasties. At Citizen Jake's ...
The two filmmakers offer their own explanations.
Erik Matti, the director behind BuyBust, On the Job, and Honor Thy Father, to name a few, shared "a plea for help" for the Filipino film industry on February 7, saying that "the state of our film industry, the business of it, is in a dire situation."Matti cites the ...
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