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It’s going hybrid in 2021 with theatrical screenings and online streaming.
If you’ve always dreamed of attending international festivals, the QCinema International Film Festival, with its stellar collection of local and international award-winning films, is the event of the year for film buffs. The recent reopening of cinemas came at a perfect time ...
Sixty local and international films will be screened in Manila, starting in October.
Only in its seventh year, QCinema International Film Festival has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated events for film buffs around the country. Known for its quality selection of films, both local and international, QCinema presents the audiences with some of ...
Including Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson in the "Marriage Story," and the standalone DC movie "Joker."
While Venice Film Festival might sound like a knees-up for lofty cinephiles that has very little to do with your personal movie watching, it's worth keeping an eye out for the releases that everyone will be queuing up to see at your ...
It's the first and only Filipino film festival in Berlin.
Local talent on the global stage is always a sight to see—be it in the field of dance, animation, or film. The Philippine film scene likewise has plenty to offer, and it comes as no suprise that people abroad are taking notice. While ...
There's some entertainment to be derived from it, but for all the wrong reasons.
One of the feature-length finalists at this year's Cinemalaya is The Lookout, a crime drama that tells the story of Lester Quiambao, a hired killer out to exact revenge on those who wronged him in his childhood. It's a strong film noir that ...
They're part of this year's QCinema, an annual film festival featuring local and indie filmmakers.
The Quezon City Film Development Foundation is doing a world of good by running QCinema—an annual film festival that throws support at emerging local films and independent filmmakers. Expect a lot of great Filipino films to come through later this month as ...
Treat yourself to Slovakian, Romanian, and Hungarian cinema, among others.
When the opportunity to expand your purview of cinema arises, take it. For Filipinos, that means occasionally consuming obscure films from different countries to balance out our diet of Hollywood blockbusters and local romcoms. And that’s why film festivals like Cine Europa ...
Everything from new indie offerings to award-winning foreign films.
Last December, many people doubted whether the Metro Manila Film Festival’s decision to choose substantial local films of high quality was a sound one. Yet the critical success of films such as Sunday Beauty Queen and Seklusyon has cemented people’s support, certifying that there ...
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