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The song will appear in Raya and the Last Dragon.
For the first time ever in its history, Disney is releasing a Filipino song to accompany its latest animated feature. In the tradition of great anthems in the studio’s catalogue, “Gabay” will appear on the soundtrack of Raya and the Last Dragon, ...
Ever watched a film that made you want to gouge your eyes out?
Films, as a medium, can either convey something wondrously magnificent or something absolutely horrid—and at extreme levels, they can be representative of all the things about humanity we’d rather not face. Some movies are just terrible. Not in the way Tommy Wiseau’s ...
Any guesses for number one?
Sometimes movies are a one-off: two hours of visual entertainment, and then it’s done. Sometimes a movie necessitates a sequel; people need to know what happens next, and producers are only too happy to oblige. And then, of course, there are movies that ...
Timeless tales of witches, exorcisms, and other paranormal entities to keep you up at night.
It may seem like time has flown and we're not quite ready for Halloween, but these 12 classic horror films should put you in the mood for the holiday. Our only disclaimer is that these haunting flicks might keep you up all ...
Crisel Consunji says that OFWs need their stories told but are already 'strong' and 'empowered' on their own.
Local film festival Cinemalaya has always been a venue for Filipino films and independent filmmakers to shine, but it has also been a platform for creatives—directors, scriptwriters, actors, and producers alike—to shed light on issues worth greater discourse. This is exactly why ...
The ultimate ten second car.
We all know Dominic Toretto loves his American muscle cars. Well, in real life, actor Vin Diesel fancies them just as much—and everyone knows it.Diesel, who was celebrating his 52nd birthday last week, was surprised by his Fast & Furious family on ...
The director is a legend. But some of his films ain't even the same f*cking sport.
There's a reason Quentin Tarantino is among the most beloved American directors: Tarantino's personal story is a deeply American one. A self-made man who got to where he is based on his own talent and passion, he's gone from a film-obsessed video store clerk ...
It’s in the movies inspired by the Beatles' music, however, that we find the most magic.
Over the course of their remarkably prolific career, the Beatles wrote 27 songs that reached Number 1 on the U.K. and U.S.’s major music charts. It’s no surprise, then, that the band and their music have inspired more than twice that number ...
One of the season's biggest cliffhangers, explained.
The first two seasons of Stranger Things ended with pretty similar final battles. While the rest of the kids—and Hopper and Joyce—distract the monsters from the Upside Down, Eleven uses her powers to save the day. Stranger Things 3 appeared to be preparing for another big ...
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