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It was caught in Eastern Samar.
An oarfish was found dead by local villagers in Agusan del Norte last week soon after the earthquake that hit Masbate province. According to folklore, oarfish being washed ashore is a bad omen. Nowadays, marine scientists will tell you that since the ...
Expand your vocabulary beyond "bangus."
It's easy to peer through the misty acrylic of grocery stores and point at the familiar pink hue of salmon or easily pick up a few packets of pre-marinated, pre-cooked milkfish. But what happens when you suddenly find yourself in the market ...
“Welcome to my hooker life,” and other things we never thought we’d hear from a guy who calls himself Bangkok Hooker.
Oz Chanarat isn’t sorry for the bait. Despite its suggestive title, Bangkok Hooker has nothing to do with the results that appear first on Google and everything to do with a regular lad searching for the best fishing holes in Thailand. We have to ...
When you've identified the fish, scaled and gutted it, how do you actually cook it?
People don’t usually make fish at home because they have no idea how to prepare it. To begin, every variety of fish has a particular way of cooking in which its flavors will shine more. Just like with meat you have, lean ...
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