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I might even take my shirt off in public this summer, bro.
There were so many things I told myself I was going to do while the world was shut down: I was going to learn chess, I was going to pick up a guitar, I was going to clean my desk. I did ...
We found a modern-day local crop circle artist who drew animals at the heart of BGC.
Whether just trying to stay fit or taking a more serious commitment to train for a marathon, it takes a lot of motivation to continuously do it on a regular basis. Despite this guy’s busy schedule as an executive for a famous ...
Here's everything the actor ate in a day while training to play a pro boxer.
In the latest in his series of videos where he tries the diets that swole stars like Tom Hardy, Chris Evans, and Mark Wahlberg follow when they're preparing for big action roles, fitness YouTuber Aseel Soueid takes on the meal plan that ...
From a 40-plus IFBB pro to a bachelor living the dream life, these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, and bloggers inform and entertain.
When you watch these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, or bloggers on the tiny screen of your cracked smartphone, you’re not only looking for tips on how to get jacked. You’re also looking for entertainment. These six guys, apart from sharing knowledge about, yes, how ...
Who needs fancy diets?
There is a belief that dieting is a modern invention, but, in truth, people have been trying to lose weight for centuries. And even if it wasn’t a personal decision, the horizontally challenged were actually forced to drop the pounds by ingenious ...
Hook yourself up with the latest in at-home fitness.
We don't have to tell you that the last 365 days torpedoed a lot of good intentions right out of the water, including many intentions about health and fitness. With gyms closed, and then open but questionable, some people built home gyms in ...
It has pictures, folks.
Well, whaddayaknow? Today is January 2021, a new day, a new year, another chance to make that damn resolution of getting the best body ever or, more important, becoming healthy again. Apart from eating better (bye, sugar), getting yourself into some sort of ...
Start 2021 right with a home gym.
The gifts have been unwrapped, the stuffed lechon has been devoured, and the leftovers have been picked at (hey, who took them home?). Now is as good a time as any to remind you that the party is over, and you should really get ...
Plus, the no-kit workout that was the "the hardest thing I’ve ever done"
Believe it or not, one of Jason Momoa's New Year's resolutions is to exercise more. We're not kidding — the Hollywood A-lister that's jibed at on the internet for being more stacked than his bodyguards isn't currently content with his bill of ...
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