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Christmas food is just a phone call away.
Just because you're home for Christmas doesn't mean you have to slave away in the kitchen. When it comes to Christmas food, Manila's best restaurants and home kitchens have got you covered. Here are some of the favorite stars of our holiday ...
Because we all need a dose of the familiar.
Our favorite hotel lobby filled with decades of memories of Christmases past is back.We’ve spent many a post-Simbang Gabi breakfast at The Lobby of the Peninsula, shaking off the early morning stupor with tapsilog, ensaymada, and hot tsokolate. Or satisfying post-Christmas party ...
Valdes is the co-founder of Kickshaw Cookery, a catering business.
Filipino chef Pilar Valdes was  recently featured on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” teaching its namesake host to make a healthy quinoa risotto.READ MORE STORIES ON FILIPINO CHEFS ABROAD:Filipino Eatery Bad Saint Among America's 'Most Important Restaurants of the Decade'Champorado and Leche Flan ...
Classic Filipino meets Singapore hawker.
Jollibee said it released in Singapore a Nasi Lemak variant of its popular Chickenjoy, proving that it is among the world's purveyors of Filipino flavors.Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy is classic Jollibee fried chicken served with coconut rice and with a hard boiled egg, sambal (spicy sauce) and ikan bilis (dried fish, think dilis) on ...
The pizza chain is stepping up its anti-plastic initiative.
Shakey’s celebrated one year of being plastic-neutral earlier this year. To be plastic neutral essentially means that it is able to recover and remove as much plastic waste from the environment as it uses. It does this primarily through recycling or waste ...
Many of its loyal staff have been there for a quarter of a century.
Cirkulo is one of the stalwarts in the Philippine restaurant scene.For Generation Xers, El Cirkulo was the party place where they hung out when they were single, the date place where they went as couples, and till now, the celebratory space for ...
Just when you thought the restaurant couldn't get any better.
Tucked away in a high-rise condominium in Fort Bonifacio is Savage, chef Josh Boutwood’s “primitive” food joint that only uses the pre-industrial method of open-fire cooking.For those who have not visited the restaurant yet, the interiors are modern, save for some wooden ...
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