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The company is the first to launch a new vehicle during the pandemic.
Car launches are usually splashy affairs in fancy venues: lights, music, food, drinks, the works. On Thursday (May 21), Ford dispensed with all of that and unveiled a new variant in its Everest lineup with everybody’s favorite messenging tool these days—a Zoom ...
First launched in 2015, the Everest holds up well as an all-around mid-sized SUV.
In 2015, I took part in an adventure drive featuring the latest iteration of the Ford Everest in the sleepy town of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Although the mid-sized SUV shares the same engine and transmission as the Ranger, officials were clear it ...
Esquire takes the new Ford Everest on a road trip up north.
N is for narrow. The road to the north is not narrow at all. But it feels narrow, as all roads are narrow, as a straight, taut bridge to somewhere in the far distance is narrow, no matter how wide the bridge ...
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