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It's the latest model in Ford's pickup lineup.
Ford Philippines introduced the Ranger FX4 model early last year and this month, it introduces yet another variant—the FX4 Max. It’s a highly capable pickup targeting the growing off-roader market. Just last month, Ford Philippines unveiled its refreshed Ranger pickup lineup, with a ...
Ford has launched a pre-emptive strike in the looming truck wars with a full slate of its Ranger lineup.
Ford Philippines added the Ranger FX4 model to its slate of pickup trucks at the start of last year, bringing its total pickup variants up to 13. The American carmaker sold a total of 9,767 Rangers in 2020 and over half of ...
It’ll come pretty handy in certain situations.
I wanted to borrow my friend’s mountain bicycle so I could ride it around during this pandemic. The problem was he lives in Laguna and I live in Quezon City. There was no way it would fit inside my beat-up old sedan, ...
It's perfect for "young, affluent Filipinos."
When you think about vehicle sales and the continued rise of SUVs over regular sedans, you need only look at Ford. The American carmaker has virtually eliminated sedans from its lineup at this point and has concentrated its resources on its array ...
The 14th generation of the classic truck has plenty of bells and whistles.
The F-150 will sound familiar even to those not entirely into cars or trucks. The pick-up truck manufactured by Ford has been the top selling vehicle in North America for 38 years and is the number one selling pick-up in the US ...
The company is the first to launch a new vehicle during the pandemic.
Car launches are usually splashy affairs in fancy venues: lights, music, food, drinks, the works. On Thursday (May 21), Ford dispensed with all of that and unveiled a new variant in its Everest lineup with everybody’s favorite messenging tool these days—a Zoom ...
We skip a long drive in the countryside and take the pony car for a spin to an art show.
There’s a certain stereotype attached to owners of cars like the Ford Mustang whether we care to admit it or not. Immediately our minds go to preconceived notions about what he or she might be like—perhaps he’s a showoff who spends his ...
A review of the 2019 Ford EcoSport Titanium 1.5L.
Small SUVs – the B-segment type – didn’t exist until 15 years ago when Ford debuted the EcoSport in Brazil where it became one of the country’s best-selling models.Now, just about every automaker has one but it behooves us to give this ...
It’s a classic American road trip in an American car.
Any driving enthusiast must have Googled the words “world’s most scenic drives” at least once in his or her life. The idea of just getting into a car and going off somewhere where the journey is just as—or even more—important than the ...
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