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The best, the brave, and the huh?
Formal dressing is a tricky affair, and when you add actors and celebrities to the mix, it becomes even harder. There's the pressure to look beyond perfect because all eyes are on you. There's also the temptation to do more, which can ...
The era of skinny neckwear is on its way out.
Cary Grant once described his style as "the middle of fashion." He never veered too far into the latest trends, but he wasn't overly conservative, either. And it helped make him one of the true great style icons.If you're the sort who ...
With a little help from the folks at Gucci. And the swankiest puppers we ever did see.
Given the hot streak that Gucci is on right now, it could probably put Larry the Cable Guy in its latest tailoring ad and it would come off as a stroke of brilliance. Fortunately, though, the venerable Italian brand has chosen a ...
The sacrosanct rules that will help you get the most out of your tailoring.
Getting your tailoring right is no simple matter, which is why we've carved onto stone (or on The Internet of things) the ten unbreakable commandments of wearing a suit and wearing it well.Always rest your suit at least two days between wears. ...
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