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The trio of knockout scents comes from master perfumer Barnabé Fillion.
Since Aesop dipped its toe into the fragrance pool, the skincare brand has only introduced a select number of scents over the years. The first dates back to 2005 while the latest, Rozu, came out last year. So, it's a welcome surprise that Aesop ...
Francis Kurkdjian's latest scent story is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Or any day, really.
“It’s all about the story,” says Francis Kurkdjian, founder of the eponymous luxury perfume maison in Paris, when asked about the inspiration for his fragrances“What is my story? What do I want to tell? What is the aim of the story and what ...
As the hot summer months set in, the key to feeling fresh throughout the day is to smell fresh, too. If you feel like you’re not getting maximum wear from your go-to scent, here are tips to keep it going strong.
There’s a powerful connection between scent and memory, and you want to make an impression by triggering just the right one—but how can you make perfume last longer so that people will remember you long after you’ve left the room?   Here are ...
The mad genius who is Tom Ford has been known to call Private Blend his very own "scent laboratory" for the exotic and the luxurious.
As creative director of Gucci, multitalented miracle-worker Tom Ford saved the fashion house from bankruptcy during his decade-long tenure.Gucci snapped up competing designer brand Yves Saint Laurent, of which Ford was also named creative director. In what perhaps was a foreshadowing of ...
It embodies Tiffany from packaging to personalization.
It’s been a busy past year for Tiffany & Co. as it's embarked on expanding the brand even further with the launch of the much-awaited Tiffany Blue Box Café on the fourth floor of its famous flagship store in New York. (Loyal ...
Not all perfumes are created equal.
While the word “perfume” may be a catch-all in everyday parlance, that's not actually the case.1| Concentration Means Longevity Perfume refers to a specific concentration of the fragrance oils in a scent. So does eau fraiche, a fancier way of saying "body ...
Have people wondering what exactly you’re wearing with tips borrowed from the ladies
Scent mixing. Perfume layering. Fragrance cocktailing. Whatever you call it, the art of combining two or more scents together is an under-the-radar technique that women have been using for ages. The good news is, guys can do it, too: to make perfume ...
“A perfume becomes masculine on a man’s skin and feminine on a woman’s skin.”
If you were to meet Jean-Claude Ellena, you might be surprised to find hardly any trace of scent on him. In his personal life, the perfumer eschews wearing fragrance and would rather go without… unless, of course, he is working. “I don’t ...
Discover these premier artisan, niche perfume brands.
Tried and tested scents are a great way to start off your journey through the wonderful world of perfumes. Of course, there are the trusted classics like Chanel No. 5, Guerlain Shalimar, and Yves Saint Laurent Opium. However, if you’re looking for ...
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