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Companies you can franchise aren't just limited to food.
From lighting, to mobile repair to anything electronic, these new retail franchises are starting to change the franchise market.Franchise Fee: P580,000Total Investment:  From P4.5 millionIlaw atbp. is a one-stop-shop for lighting and electrical needs. It has established itself as a leading expert in ...
We clarified some of the biggest misconceptions about owning a franchise business in the Philippines.
It’s the ultimate dream of many Filipinos to own a franchise business in the Philippines. How many hopefuls have fantasized about winning the lottery, then purchasing a franchise of Jollibee, easily the most popular restaurant in the country? We’ve all wanted its ...
If you're looking for a quick and easy food business, consider these new franchises.
Starting your own food business doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. These new food franchises can be started with less than P1 million capital.Franchise Fee: P160,000 - 200,000Total Investment: starts at P499,000 Mr. Katsu serves rice meals in new and exciting ways with ...
Co-baking studio franchise looking to expand into the Philippines.
When was the last time you baked something? For many people, the answer is likely "never," or “not in a long time.” Although nothing is more rewarding than creating something with your own hands, a lot of would-be bakers put off baking ...
There is no doubt that the time of the Filipinos has come.
Filipinos are global citizens. Put them anywhere and they will excel. Resilience, persistence, good work ethic and the desire to succeed not just for himself but for his loved ones make the Filipino shine wherever he goes. And since we are now ...
Thinking of opening a lugaw franchise? This will give you an idea.
In the Philippines, the term “tubong lugaw” is a business term which refers to investments that initially started with very little capital but which eventually raked in big returns. The businesses featured here both started small and scaled up their businesses to ...
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