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The brand also has a new Galaxy Flip, Buds, and Watch.
If you’re unconvinced about the popularity of Samsung’s foldable phones, here’s some numbers that should change your mind: of the 2.8 million foldable smartphones shipped to consumers in 2020, about 73 percent came from Samsung. That’s according to market research firm Counterpoint. Granted only Motorola ...
Everyone loves Xiaomi gadgets. We do, too.
Sandy Tan Uy recalls how she and her father used to visit the original nondescript Mi store in Hong Kong when it first opened in 2015.“There was always a line to get into this store on the 20th floor of a commercial ...
Through the Map of Ecommerce Report, a clearer picture of how Filipinos are behaving online is emerging.
On casual observation, the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on Filipinos’ behavior online is obvious: less time outdoors, more time at home and on the internet. As the number of people going out to eat, shop, or watch movies nosedived, so has ...
The Dyson V8 Slim is as powerful as the big boys.
There’s a new household weapon in the battle against dust, fur balls, and dirt in general. Wipe out forever the image of the OG box-like vacuum cleaner your mother had to drag across the room, kicking around cords as she moved about. Top Story: Why ...
It's definitely not too early to start writing your Christmas list.
No flying cars or AI robots here. This groundbreaking new tech will actually see the light of day in 2020.A tennis ball-shaped rolling robot that follows you around the house. What can it do? Well, it can act as a fitness assistant ...
Space zoom!
South Korea is on a roll. Just days after director Bong Joon Ho won a truckload of Oscars for the groundbreaking movie Parasite, the country’s—and the world’s—biggest smartphone maker unleashed a new range of mobile phones that aims to put it ahead ...
These are some of its best features.
While some smartphone-holders contemplate whether to trade in their phones for the latest model after the end of their two-year contract, others are thinking of investing in a tablet to keep them company during a long flight or to devour e-books on. ...
For the first time, Samsung has introduced software to convert your handwritten notes to text that you can copy and paste.
On August 7, Samsung released the Galaxy Note10. At first glance, it looks sleek, chic, and elegant, especially with its holographic feature on the back. Its endless screen display can take you to an immersive viewing experience. But what really caught our ...
These new and upcoming gadgets for 2019 are great gift options for your tech-obsessed friends.
We’re already a few months into 2019, and there have already been several new gadget releases and announcements so far. Here, we list seven of these new tech gadgets for 2019 that have caught our eye, whether through their innovative features or ...
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