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Chef Chele Gonzalez is a master of culinary invention and reinvention.
It came as a surprise to many when chef Chele Gonzalez and his partners at Gallery Vask announced its temporary closure late last year to make way for a new concept in Philippine contemporary dining.The move came after spending two consecutive years ...
It is the only Philippine establishment listed on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2017.
UPDATED Chef Chele Gonzalez and Carlo Calma's Gallery Vask is once again the only Philippine establishment included in the latest Asia's 50 Best Restaurants ranking. This year, the purveyor of anthropological cuisine climbed ranks, moving from 39th place to 35th. Vask opened at the ...
Gallery Vask's Anthropological Cuisine brings traditional ways of cooking into the future
Gallery Vask debuted at the 39th spot at the 2015 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, taking home the title of “Best Restaurant in the Philippines.” Chef Luis Gonzalez, better known as Chele, isn’t Filipino, and he doesn’t make what one would reasonably ...
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