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It's the first time a living person is immortalized in Mobile Legends.
World Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao has become the newest skin for the game’s fighter hero, Paquito. He is, so far, the only living person to be immortalized in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s (MLBB) collection of hero skins.“I felt very honored when Moonton ...
It’s a bit late in the game but still welcome.
It’s not that some franchises have not already arrived on our smartphones—Final Fantasy, GTA, and most recently, Crash Bandicoot—but Sony wants to bring in more titles to smartphones.  It’s not hard to see why Sony wants to pursue mobile. Mobile gaming has already ...
Well done.
If we earned a peso every time our moms yelled at us for spending too much time playing video games, we’d probably be milionnaires by now. Seriously, older people nagging them is probably a universal experience for gamers, reinforcing antiquated beliefs about ...
Good things come to those who wait.
There’s no doubt that one of the most anticipated gift items in the coming holiday season is the new Sony Playstation 5. In fact, the company expects the PlayStation 5 hardware to sell about six million units from its launch to Marsh ...
Epic Games accused Apple of wielding monopoly power. It takes 30 percent of every app sale.
The maker of video game sensation "Fortnite" on Thursday sued Apple for the way it rules over the App Store, accusing the iPhone maker of wielding monopoly power.Epic Games called on a federal judge to order Apple to stop its "anti-competitive conduct" ...
These are the PS5 games that will have you spending hours on the couch.
Gamers are practically frothing at the mouth for news of the next generation Playstation console from Sony. The PS5 is expected to hit store shelves later this year, right in time for the holiday rush. According to an independent analyst, Sony expects the ...
He was one of Asia’s wealthiest men.
Stanley Ho, the gambling magnate who practically built Macau and turned it into the world’s gambling capital, has died. He was 98.Ho expired at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday (May 26) at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital according to multiple news ...
Here’s an analysis of gaming console searches across ecommerce platforms in the region during the lockdown.
People have been doing everything to keep themselves entertained during this lockdown period: reading books, watching movies and TV shows on cable or streaming sites, exercise, arts and crafts—you name it. Then of course, there’s that most dependable of home-based activities—gaming. Studies show ...
The gaming industry is already bigger than Hollywood. Are you ready to play?
Doctor. Engineer. Teacher. Nurse. Businessman. Gamer. Looks normal, nothing to see here. But just a few years ago, that last item would’ve raised eyebrows. “That’s not a legitimate career!” or “Go find a real job!” were just some of the usual comments.Now ...
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