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Nick Gold, managing director of market-leading speaking bureau and consultancy Speakers Corner, gives his killer tips for public speaking
Picture the scene, we've all been there; your heart's racing, palms sweating, and all eyes are turned to you in expectation of something witty, entertaining, powerful, and full of gravitas. Public speaking strikes fear into the most stolid people, whether it's a ...
How to come across as the most erudite man in the room
Charm bosses, strangers, and friends alike with our guide to appearing more intelligent.***1 | Use the right words. The boffins at American Heritage Dictionaries list the top five words to make you sound more intelligent as: epitome, finagle, gregarious, panacea, and perfunctory.2 | ...
You can tell a lot about a man by what’s in his pockets.
Excluding the balls of lint and scrunched-up receipts we occasionally find from time to time, the things a man carries reveal much about his priorities, his preferences, and his lifestyle. Any guy would feel naked without his smartphone, for example. Everyone brings with ...
Number one:  Because it's raining.
Nope, you will not look like the lovely Julie Andrews floating away as Mary Poppins. A raincoat can do a half-assed job of keeping you dry that’s good enough for trudging across the street for coffee runs, sure, but what of your ...
It's the Internet, but that doesn't mean you can't be a gentleman.
Traditionally, any lists of 'essential man skills' have included things like 'making a fire', 'changing a plug' or 'opening a bottle without a corkscrew'.But all of those things take place in the real world, and who the hell hangs out there anymore?Instead, ...
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