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Japan is the 5th most powerful military in the world.
The official account of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force or JMSDF has posted a photo of its 11 destroyers sailing next to each other. It wasn’t clear when the photo was taken, or whether the warships in the photo were taking part ...
More are coming to Asia.
Two of America’s most powerful carrier strike groups are making their presence felt in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in the Philippine Sea, where they are currently conducting drills. The USS Abraham Lincoln—the world’s first supercarrier commanded by a woman—and the USS Ronald ...
The U.S. Coast Guard observed the exercises.
The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has officially deployed two of its newest, largest, and most advanced vessels in its fleet, the Japan-made BRP Teresa Magbanua and the BRP Melchora Aquino, which are now the flagships of the Coast Guard. The two 97-meter multi-role response ...
Australia flew a spy plane that was intercepted by a Chinese jet fighter. 
Australia was flying one of its spy planes over the South China Sea when a Chinese interceptor allegedly flew a dangerous maneuver. China claims the entirety of the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea as part of its territory, a claim ...
The BRP Melchora Aquino and BRP Teresa Magbanua are the most advanced vessels in the Philippine Coast Guard.
The Philippines’ newest and most advanced coast guard vessel, the BRP Melchora Aquino, has passed stringent sea trials in Japan and is on its way home. It is expected to arrive in the country on June 1, 2022. The BRP Melchora Aquino ...
The only Filipino in U.S. Navy to receive the Medal of Honor.
U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro has announced that a Filipino recipient of the Medal of Honor will be honored by naming an Arleigh Burke guided-missile destroyer after him. The Arleigh Burke-class Flight III guided-missile destroyer, DDG 139, will be named USS Telesforo ...
Placed in four critically strategic islands.
The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has installed five 30-foot navigational buoys bearing the Philippine flag in the West Philippine Sea. They were strategically placed around four critically strategic islands owned by the Philippines: Lawak Island, Likas Island, Parola Island, and Pag-Asa Island.The ...
The next few months will set the tone for the Philippines' bilateral relations with the world’s top two superpowers for the next six years.
As COMELEC finalizes the votes from the 2022 Philippine general elections, world leaders are coming forward to congratulate the presumptive president of the Philippines, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos. While the tallies are still unofficial, Marcos leads his competitors by a wide margin, enough ...
This is how much they will be compensated.
In June 2019, a Philippine fishing boat was sunk by a Chinese vessel. The latter rammed it, leaving 22 Filipino fishermen struggling for their lives. Luckily, a Vietnamese vessel was nearby and rescued the drowning fishermenNearly three years after the incident, the ...
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