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From Scandi chairs to purposeful electric equipment, these gifts reflect the state of mind of your hardworking editors.
Hey, hey, hey! It looks like we made it. With only a few days to go until Christmas (and a few more until we leave 2020 in the dust), we’re taking this opportunity to send a very clear hint to the universe. To ...
Because even your punk cousin deserves some end-of-year cheer.
At a loss as to what to get the sneakerhead in your life this holiday season (besides for a stern talking-to and maybe a few vouchers for free therapy)? Join the club. I mean, what can you possibly give the insufferable little—or not so little—snot who ...
Her eyes will sparkle. (It's all in the makeup.)
Home for the holidays is likely the worldwide theme of this year’s Christmas. In our case, we’ve been home for all of nine months and counting. And while many of the usual purchases have been on hold, luxury beauty products certainly are ...
Uniqlo and Roger Federer release the perfect stocking stuffer in the form of a cool dad cap.
If you’re not a tennis fan, a Roger Federer groupie, or a font fanatic (some people swear by Comic Sans), then you might not have heard of the story of the RF logo.We won’t call it a drama. The monogram was simply ...
Choose a gift that he’ll use every day. 
In your long complicated history, Dad has shown his love by showering you with gifts and, frankly, you’ve had no problem with that. Now that you’re all grown-up and also don’t want to say The Words, you can do as he did ...
So you’re that person.
If you’re reading this, it’s because you are that person. The guy who buys his gifts last minute at the department store and hands them to his relatives unwrapped with the price tag still on—or worse, stuffed in a garbage bag. We ...
Ah, the joys of being a godfather.
Tired of giving boring teddy bears to your godchildren every holiday season? Are you ready to spice up your godchildren’s Christmas? Are you willing to piss off their parents? And, more important, are you ready to have your godfather card revoked?As godparents, ...
For starters, good quality and design are aspects they will appreciate.
We all have at least one person in our lives that we never know what to get for Christmas because he or she already seems to have it all. But just like anyone else, these recipients will appreciate any well-designed and novel ...
Of course he needs a Versace sweater.
As if you’re pets aren’t pampered enough, we’ve found 10 ridiculously over-priced gifts for your pooches. They only deserve the best, after all, and by best, we mean Louis Vuitton and Versace. Because for sure, your four-legged doggo will appreciate luxury. Let’s just hope ...
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