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1834 is a truly noteworthy year.
Ginebra San Miguel traces its history back to 1834 when the Distileria Licorea de Ayala or Ayala Distillery was established in the Philippines. One of its products was Ginebra San Miguel, a gin that was the result of purifying alcohol to give ...
The backstories behind Datu Puti, Ginebra San Miguel, and Jollibee.
Datu Puti is one of the most popular brands in the Philippines, easily associated not with an actual ancient ruler, but with vinegar and other kinds of condiments. But why was the vinegar brand named Datu Puti? Was there really a person ...
Miss Universe 2015 is the calendar girl for 2019, the brand's 185th anniversary.
Ginebra San Miguel recently unveiled their 2019 calendar girl, and it's none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach."Pia is the perfect person to represent the brand, especially that we will be celebrating next year Ginebra San Miguel's 185th anniversary," said Ron Molina, ...
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