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From major comebacks to the unique and eye-catching, here's a list of the year's most stylish luxury bags that we think will stand the test of time.
There’s never a shortage of brand new bag releases in the fashion industry. To help you choose out of the many, we’ve compiled the best of this year as well as what we think may become classics in the long run.Christian Dior ...
From totes and backpacks to trendy fanny packs.
Understated and chic.
From afar, those eight letters look like faint marks. After all, Givenchy thrives in discretion, which works well with bag lovers’ changing tastes: Logo bags have been replaced with low-key designs.Supple leather, choice hardware, and geometric cuts speak well of Givenchy’s interpretation ...
Here’s what you need to know about the French label that Kanye West wears.
While you wait for the show to begin at 1 a.m. on January 21, Saturday, here are eight things to know about the French fashion house Givenchy.1| Here’s an off-the-cuff description of the Givenchy look: dark glamour. For men, that can mean a ...
Shot straight from Paris: the Givenchy and Hermès fall/winter 2017 shows
Heads up, you can watch the fall/winter 2017 shows of Givenchy (on January 21, Saturday, at 1 a.m.) and Hermès (on January 22, Sunday at 3 a.m.) right here.Why would you want to stay up for that?Well, if you are one of the ...
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