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Each of us has something to give.
With 24 days till Christmas, there's still a few weeks to show Santa Claus you've been nice. And if you haven't yet, you can start today.Today, December 1, we celebrate generosity around the world.Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or ...
When it comes to sustainability and practicality, social enterprises perform better.
Charities and social enterprises have helped improve lives of millions of people. Both are anchored on humanity and compassion, but when it comes to sustainability and practicality, the latter trumps the former. Here is a list of reasons why.According to startup expert ...
'Tis the season to extend a helping hand.
Whether it’s the holiday season or not, giving back should always be part of your personal agenda. There are many ways, both big and small, to do that: taking a day to volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about, raising ...
This and other lessons on giving from Andrew Carnegie, the Father of Modern Philanthropy.
Almost a century after his death, Andrew Carnegie’s wealth still benefits the society he’s left behind. Through the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the fortune of the famed industrialist has been used in crucial endeavors, from the discovery of insulin to founding ...
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