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Severino Reyes is widely regarded as the Father of Filipino Drama.
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 161st birthday of Filipino author and playwright Severino Reyes. Widely regarded as the “Father of Filipino Drama,” Reyes is not only internationally renowned for his famous zarzuelas, Spanish-influenced works of dramatic musical theater, but also for his ...
According to Google’s Year in Search 2021 report.
Looks like Filipino food lovers in the U.S. are craving pandesal. In this year’s Google Year in Search report, “Filipino bakery near me” was recorded as a “breakout” search or a top trending search in the U.S. in the month of October. “During ...
You won't be seeing any election ads on Google platforms like YouTube.
Election aspirants for the 2022 national elections have already spent P3.7 billion on traditional media advertisements alone, according to a report from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. Senate hopefuls have each spent hundreds of millions of pesos on television, radio, print, ...
The growth is driven by e-commerce and food delivery services.
Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company released the sixth edition of the e-Conomy Southeast Asia (SEA) Report - Roaring 20’s: The SEA Digital Decade.  The report provides a ten-year outlook for the first time, highlighting how the region is on the path to ...
Over 10,000 searches were made by Filipinos for the word “pink.”
Just a few hours after Vice President Leni Robredo announced her plan to run for president, searches for the color pink trended  on Google. Pink is the campaign color of the Vice President. On October 7, pink was the third most searched topic ...
Numbers don't lie.
That Filipinos are obsessed with Western pop culture is common knowledge. We sing and dance to the music of American pop stars, watch the latest Disney and Marvel blockbusters, and worship Hollywood celebrities. That’s not even up for debate. So the question is, ...
From strolling through Versailles to taking an Art Selfie, you’ll never run out of things to do with the Google Arts and Culture app.
Let’s face it—these days, it isn’t that easy to satisfy your wanderlust, especially if you feel like going abroad. Right now, the easiest way to travel the world is virtually, and Google has an app for that. Google Arts and Culture lets you visit ...
It could be a sign of people’s warped priorities.
Filipinos seem to be more interested about Ivermectin than finding out how to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if the results of a new study are to be believed. According to a study by meta search platform iPrice, there were 224,110 searches for ‘Ivermectin’ ...
Another good innovation from Google.
Waze is nice, but that app caters mostly to car owners and other motorists. If you’re looking for a more inclusive smartphone navigation experience, Google Maps is probably a better bet as it caters to users of alternative modes of mobility.The app’s ...
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