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What do you order? Where do you sit? How do you make the date go as smoothly as possible? How do you survive? Well, well, well. We got you covered, fam!
Four local restaurants made it to travel site Big 7 Travel’s “50 Most Romantic Restaurants in Asia.” To this day, we’re still wondering why there are only four from the Philippines, considering that we’re a country of #lovelovelove (Aquino, 2015). Where is Antonio’s? ...
Have the best of Bicol at Grace Park, Margarita Fores' farm-to-table restaurant, until September 30.
Married couple Carlo and Rica Buenaflor share the same passion: to bring the best of Bicol to Manila and hopefully soon, globally.For their vision to come to fruition, they established the Best of Bicol, a non-profit group that showcases the region through ...
Grace Park wants you to eat well, even when you're on the go
She seemed almost apologetic, but there was no need. "I know we're a bit out of the way," Margarita Fóres—Asia's Best Female Chef 2016—graciously says in her always modulated, raspy whisper. "It's really easier to just grab a bite at the mall." ...
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