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Bruno Mars sweeps, Hillary reads to Donald, Kendrick Lamar makes a statement.
The most prominent awards night in music had its 60th run yesterday evening, and lived up to its annual tradition of big, significant performances that are likely to be cemented in the annals of pop culture. When the nominations were first announced ...
Here’s the real reason he didn’t submit Blonde for awards consideration.
Contemporary hip-hop and R&B artist Frank Ocean took to Tumblr this weekend to express sentiments of protest about the Grammy Awards, calling out showrunners Ken Ehrlich and David Wild personally. Ocean left the caps lock on while explaining the real reason he ...
What were they thinking with Tony Bennett in 1995?
The Grammys are coming! Get ready for some questionable winners, some tightly-controlled all-star jam sessions, and an in memoriam segment that is nine hours long.But what can history tell us about what will happen in the four major categories? Who will go ...
Music has moved on—and the institution will never catch up.
The Grammys are one of the music industry's longest-running, most revered, and most deeply corny traditions. Over the course of nearly six decades, it's provided a handful of iconic, and even genuinely moving moments, but those are massively outnumbered by all the ...
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