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Here are the films we’re most excited about and the celebs with an uncanny resemblance to their real-life characters.
The best stories are the ones that are true. Hollywood knows that its most successful films are those based on fact, which only amplifies the appeal of each well-told story. But it looks like the decision-makers at Hollywood have finally decided that ...
Here are the shows we’re most excited to see premiere this year.
Another year, another round of exciting new content for Netflix. The last few years have been wildly successful for the streaming giant, and it's looking like this year will be no exception. Netflix is upping the ante with big-budget shows like Bridgerton ...
Pet to Nature offers humane treatment of your pet's remains. 
Pet to Nature is a revolutionary memorial service for your dearly departed pets. Established by Matthew Ng in Hong Kong, the company expanded to the Philippines and now has a branch in Marikina. Ng saw the need for an elevated Memorial Service for ...
Does Pacquiao Coffee pack a punch?
We have so many questions about Pacquiao Coffee's existence, but we will lay them aside and wear a coffee connoisseur's hat as we sip Senator and presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao's malunggay coffee, his latest foray into the beverage industry.Pacquiao Coffee is a ...
These recyclers are fighting the war on plastic waste.
Plastic has become such a leading pollutant that scientists have proposed to name this geologic era the Anthropocene, an epoch completely dominated by humans marked on the fossil record not by fossilized bones, but by plastic.Garbage seems to be an insurmountable challenge ...
The Rizal marker in Muntinlupa has an interesting story.
In what looks like an unremarkable part of town in Muntinlupa, near the bank of the Tunasan River, a forgotten marker stands, frozen in the passage of time. Hardly anyone pays notice to its dusty facade, not even pedestrians. It takes a trained ...
From celebrity friends to fellow socialites.
We (almost) know all there is to know about Small Laude. From her early life to her career, we previously covered all the bases. But, of course, there's always more to learn about the internet personality, socialite, and entrepreneur. Through Laude's vlogs, she ...
Philip Juico is the man behind PATAFA and its feud with EJ Obiena. 
On January 3, 2022, the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) moved to expel Filipino Olympian and Asian superstar vaulter EJ Obiena from the national team, stripping him of his status as an official Philippine athlete. PATAFA has accused Obiena of ...
Another year of binge-watching HBO originals. 
Always trust HBO to deliver exciting new shows. Aside from returning shows like Emmy-winning Euphoria and the critically-acclaimed Westworld, we’re getting everything from new historical dramas to giant fantasy series. This year, the network has plans to drop the successor to Downton ...
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