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Always wear sunscreen.
It's been over five years since Porsajika Thongsuk founded BFF, but the beauty multi-brand concept hasn't slowed down since. To date, BFF has over 40 brands in its matrix which includes brick-and-mortar locations in Thailand and an online shop in the Philippines.On the first anniversary ...
Each of these men looks and feels better after they went for it and shaved their heads.
YouTuber Harry James creates content that's all about inspiring and uplifting men who are experiencing thinning or balding hair. In a recent video, he spoke to a number of men who, having struggled for years with hair loss, had made the decision to shave their ...
We all have them and it's tough to take our eyes off them. Here's how to beat them once and for all.
I spend roughly 96 percent of every Zoom meeting staring at my own face. What can I say, it’s a compulsion. It’s not just Zoom either; any time there is a front-facing camera, my eyes go directly to my own visage, even ...
From classic fragrances to lesser-known scents, these will surely last you a whole day and beyond.
Picking out a fragrance isn't just about liking how it smells. That's just the first part of shopping around for a bottle. One also has to look out for longevity and sillage which tells you how long a particular scent lasts on your skin and how ...
Tame unruly pandemic hair by giving these barbers a call.
GCQ, ECQ, MECQ? Local businesses, including neighborhood barbershops, have been struggling with the fickle open-close situation of the quarantine. Meanwhile, your bed of hair is starting to resemble the potted plant you adopted during your plantito phase: wild and in need of a good ...
Hair has power, and no one should know this more than one of the most-watched celebrities on the planet.
It’s not the first time we’ve been here with Justin Bieber. In a series of photos the singer posted on Instagram on Monday, he debuted a new hairstyle that looks suspiciously like dreadlocks. Bieber already has a history of wearing traditionally Black hairstyles like ...
And yes, he pulls it off.
Brad Pitt turned up at the Academy Awards to present the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, which went to Yuh-Jung Youn for her role in Minari. This was a big deal—not only because the 73-year-old is both charming and devastating in Minari, but also ...
From Aesop to Tata Harper, here are the best men's skincare sets right now.
Skincare is a journey. It takes a lot of effort, even more products, and a lot of patience before your skin looks good—take it from a guy that started with skincare at a young age. Even then, it's still a challenge to figure ...
The designer continues his work on responsible design with Aesop.
To call the collaboration between Aesop and fashion designer Christopher Raeburn fitting would be an understatement. Not only do both brands match when it comes to design, the two share philosophies when it comes to operating sustainably, as well as minimizing the impact ...
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