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It's never too late.
Men everywhere have been forced to change grooming habits since the pandemic began. From having a solid routine, a lot of us were sidetracked by, well, the fact that we were staying at home with really no need to get rid of the ...
Trust us, you need one (or two) in your routine.
You've got the facial wash that cleanses and freshens your skin up, the moisturizer that makes your face soft and supple, and everything you need in between. But, the road to near-perfect skin isn't close to done. One thing you're probably missing? A good ...
Here's what scent the Greek Freak is wearing every day.
We’re all freaks—and that’s not a bad thing. For Greek Freak and NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, being a freak means being passionate and putting in the work, like his new line of scents from Str8 Fragrances, the Fr34k. Starting his career at the ...
Say goodbye to flyaways.
The Dyson Supersonic just got better. With a newly-released attachment, the hair dryer is equipped to get rid of flyaways more than ever. And, the science behind it is even cooler.The new flyaway attachment harnesses the Coanda effect which attracts and lifts ...
According to study.
The cost of living in the Philippines has gotten pretty high over the years. But, at least we have one thing we can rely on to be cheap: haircuts. In fact, according to a new study by NetCredit, the Philippines is one ...
The actor started a grooming routine during the pandemic.
It might surprise you to know that Mikael Daez is a late skincare routine adapter. In fact, it was only during the start of the pandemic that he found his ideal set of products. Out of all said products, however, the actor confesses to ...
All you need to know about banishing maskne and dark spots.
The relentless barrage of Zoom calls and wearing masks outdoors have directed your attention to new skin concerns, particularly on the face. Maybe you’ve observed spots of adult acne around your nose and mouth area or you’ve started noticing a few blemishes ...
Jake Gyllenhaal, Dax Shepard, Brad Pitt, and more wanna get dirty. We investigated whether that's a good idea.
The only kind of dirty I want to experience comes in the form of a Christina Aguilera song and its corresponding video. It’s a bop to remember, and I will question anyone that doesn’t like it. But right now, my magnifying glass is hovering over ...
It takes a lot of time, a little expertise, and no small supply of emotional fortitude.
Grown-man shaggy hair is a thing I’ve wanted to try my whole life, and a thing I’ve consistently chickened out on. “This time I’m doing it,” I’d tell myself, “this time I’m coming for that Kit Harrington spot,” and I’d let it ...
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