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Look no further.
We've said it once, and we'll say it again: there's never a shortage of great fragrances. Seriously, fragrance houses seem to release one every few months or so—and this year is no different. We know, we know... who needs a spritz when ...
During COVID-19 our cortisol levels are at an all-time high.
Lockdown ennui is written all over your face. The pale skin. The listless gaze into the void of another Zoom. The sudden breakouts. You can explain it all away by reasoning that this is winter, and this is what winter likes to ...
The male hair loss industry is booming. Esquire investigates one of the most popular alternatives to expensive surgery: Scalp Micropigmentation.
On a cold morning in a quiet trading estate near Accrington, Joseph Lanzante places a bendy ruler on a bald man’s head and, with a white pen, carefully marks where his client’s hairline used to be. It's two weeks before lockdown, and ...
In the market for a new scent? Here's where to start your search.
The days of searching far and wide for a good fragrance—and still not finding the right one—are gone. These days, you can have your pick from a remarkable selection—and it's all thanks to the multi-brand stores that have brought niche scents and more ...
A teaser for Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' reveals more than you'd think.
We don't know a lot about Leonardo DiCaprio's next film, Don't Look Up. We know it's a satire about Leo and Jennifer Lawrence as two doom-mongering astronomers, that the first clip from it turned up on Netflix's big round-up of all its 2021 ...
Keep your skin clear and your psyche stress-free.
As much as we'd like to pretend otherwise, sporadic breakouts happen to the best of us (and yes, even the most well hydrated, rested, and thoroughly scrubbed of us). And right now is the worst time of year to wake up with a throbbing ...
The world's richest can now halt time, and they may well be using a special substance called Profhilo to do so.
Frequent is the question posed to the global cabal of tax hurdlers: "How do you sleep at night?" Probably not very well. These people are monstrously busy. They're also at a moral conundrum. Where so many fret and sweat over the minor ...
Garnier Philippines is leading the L’Oreal Group’s decade-long push to reduce its environmental impact and become more sustainable. 
So a super virus is out there still messing with the way we live. But while most businesses have been scrambling to keep their heads above water, shoring up their online platforms for e-commerce, reconfiguring operations to keep the lights on, the L’Oreal ...
The actor's impressive coiffure is (shockingly) his own creation, so we asked an expert if you can expect the same level of success.
George Clooney has always seemed like one of those low-maintenance A-List actors, you know? He’s the patron saint of a certain Hollywood cool-guy swagger that depends largely on a uniform; he’s never one to show up on the red carpet in some ...
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