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The English ritual is well-observed at these fine establishments.
There always has been a divide between coffee and tea drinkers, with the perception that one's loyalty can only to one or the other. But the practice of setting aside an afternoon for a warm pot of tea, scones, jams, and other ...
Because good table manners are a must.
The basics of proper eating are common knowledge. Everyone knows that you work your way from the outside to the inside (nearest to your plate) when selecting cutlery for each course. But there's certainly a lot more to formal dining than just ...
These master cake bakers are classic go-tos for Filipina brides.
Beautiful wedding cakes are a staple for all weddings, but they are no simple feat. Wedding cakes emulate the style of the wedding down to the frosting, decorations, and flavor. There is a wedding cake designer for each bride out there and ...
What's the difference between a Persian and a Turkish rug?
Buying a carpet may be as simple as going into a store and buying the first thing you see. However, if you want to be assured of quality, it pays to know the basics before going into a showroom.From the different terms ...
Because there's always a special event right around the corner.
Whether you’re looking for a casual spot for an intimate get together or a large gathering with friends or family, one of these 10 restaurants with great private dining rooms will surely suit your needs.Going with Blackbird’s running aviation theme, the restaurant’s ...
Here's your glassware guide for water and juice to all the different kinds of wine.
In a formal dining setting, there can be at least four glasses on the table. To help you tell which is which and what is what, we took the liberty of listing down each kind for the benefit of both entertainers and ...
Stores that make organic living easy and convenient.
When one thinks of farming, the idyllic image of rice fields with lush mountains in the distance often comes to mind. It brings to the imagination the quaintness of provincial life, what one might see in a Disney film. But reality is ...
Show your love with a special day filled with fun and gifts.
Honor both wonderful mothers and mother figures on Mother’s Day. If you’re at a loss for what to do, here are a few ideas that will surely show your appreciation for the woman who deserves the world.With specialized luxury treatments, Shangri-La at ...
Learn the difference between your tartans, plaids, and checks.
Patterns and prints will always have a place in a preppy wardrobe. With that in mind, it’s important to know what is what and which is which the next time you make your way to Ralph Lauren. Here, we’ve compiled the preppy’s ...
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