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Bottom’s up?
About two years ago, The Macallan set on making the world’s largest bottle of Scotch whisky, which it later named The Intrepid, with a 32-year-old brew using a 311-liter bottle that stands at five feet and 11 inches tall. Auction house Lyon ...
The jackfruit is considered the world's largest tree fruit.
Randy Maranan, a gardener and retired executive of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, was floored when he saw his langka (jackfruit) tree produce gigantic fruits. He quickly took to social media to document his prize. “Unofficially, we have the world’s heaviest jackfruit! Guinness ...
He measured less than two feet.
Junrey Balawing might not be a household name in the Philippines, but for a brief period, he was known all over the world. Balawing was declared the world's shortest man (non-mobile) by the Guinness World Records. He was officially bestowed the title ...
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