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Hype 24/7 was founded by five young guys determined to push against big familiar gym chains.
There existed a time when the concept of male fitness meant protruding pectorals, stacked shoulders, and finger-pointing cases of likely steroid use. Which came first is uncertain, but gyms conjured images of Rocky training with Apollo Creed in dingy, dimly lit iron ...
There's a key difference between "fat" and "calories."
Burning calories and burning fat are not the same thing. Calories from carbohydrates are burned first during a workout, because they are the most readily available form of energy. If those calories go unused, they get stored in fat cells. It takes ...
Do it at home, do it yourself.
The gym is great, kind of. It's where you do tough workouts to improve your conditioning. But pretty soon, it starts to feel like you're jumping from one fluorescent box (work) to another (the gym). All the while, you miss out on ...
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