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Forget hacks. Get the real thing.
Back in March, some generous person decided to reveal the five ingredients and steps to recreate Shakey's Mojos at home. It was all well and cute, but guess what: Robinsons grocery stores are now about to sell frozen Shakey's Mojos. Yes, the real ...
We thought it was there as a counterbalance.
Apparently, we've been using chopsticks (the wooden, disposable kind) all wrong. Nope, we're not talking about how we use it to grab noodles, sushi, or rice (which can be quite a challenge). We're talking about that little nub on one of its ends, which had a lot of us ...
Make the most out of your next visit to the land of sushi and cherry blossoms.
Over the past few years, Japan has gone from simply being a mecca for anime fans and Japanophiles, to one of the most popular destinations among Filipinos. We’re certainly happy everyone’s discovered what an amazing place the Land of the Rising Sun ...
Plus more travel planning hacks for a stress-free vacation.
Every vacation day counts, especially for those who don't have the luxury of time on their side. So you’ll understand our surprise when we learned that one out of two Filipinos wastes an average of four vacation days a year due to ...
When the standard twice-a-day toothbrushing fails you
“Hygiene,” “hydration,” or even just “hi!” Do people run the other way as if you were a fire-breathing monster when you utter words that start with a breathy letter H? Ever strike up a conversation and have the chemistry fizzle out just as you ...
Make Starbucks your b*tch.
You may have been nursing a love affair with the mocha Frappuccino for the past decade, but you might want to start changing it up. Make it sweeter, make it stronger, add a zing of caramel. Starbucks may have a litany of ...
How to keep your avocado fresh, poach perfect eggs and more
Whether you're a culinary novice or a kitchen genius, every now and then you hear a cooking trick from someone that blows your mind a little. Whether it will help you finally master the perfect poached egg or balance the flavors in ...
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