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Risks, lawsuits, but lots of lovely new hair. Worth it?
October 2016 was a very busy month for Judge John Gleeson. He had more than 1,100 product liability complaints to deal with, and 742 lawsuits. These perhaps weren't the most notable cases in a storied career (the New Yorker prosecuted the mafia ...
Baldly go where many men have gone before.
So you’ve decided to shave your head. Whether it’s because you can no longer successfully hide your receding hairline, or you're just now jumping onto the Fast & Furious bandwagon, going bald is a bold choice.But before you put blade to scalp, ...
We consult Svenson trichologist Teresa Cruz
Ms. Cruz, can you share any embarrassing hair loss stories in your time as a trichologist? For most men, hair loss automatically makes them look older. When a guy in his late teens or early 20s starts to experience hair loss, it ...
When it comes to hair loss, prevention is still better than cure.
You saw it coming. Your grandfather lost it, your dad barely has it, and your older brother just joined the club. It starts with receding hairline, then your hair gets thinner, until you’ll finally go bald. Blame it on genetics, but hair ...
Losing hair? We have a topical solution, a laser treatment, and a transplant procedure for every concern.
Laser: REVAGEBest for: Falling hair.What is it? A low-level laser therapy that stops hair fall and stimulates growth of new strands.How does it work? It uses a Rotational Photo Therapy machine that rotates around the head, emitting equal amounts of visible red ...
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