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It takes a lot of time, a little expertise, and no small supply of emotional fortitude.
Grown-man shaggy hair is a thing I’ve wanted to try my whole life, and a thing I’ve consistently chickened out on. “This time I’m doing it,” I’d tell myself, “this time I’m coming for that Kit Harrington spot,” and I’d let it ...
The male hair loss industry is booming. Esquire investigates one of the most popular alternatives to expensive surgery: Scalp Micropigmentation.
On a cold morning in a quiet trading estate near Accrington, Joseph Lanzante places a bendy ruler on a bald man’s head and, with a white pen, carefully marks where his client’s hairline used to be. It's two weeks before lockdown, and ...
Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Bald
"There's amazing things you can do now, we have a client who uses these adhesive wigs. You should try it."I looked up into the reflection of the mirror, brow knotted, unsure quite what I'm being told. "Oh, it doesn't look like a ...
If you're thinking of some follicle restoration, the Grooming Glossary is here to give you a few things to think about.
There's little to do on the London Underground. Too old to offer in-tunnel wifi, silent passengers are forced to look ahead and above at the yellowing adverts that seem to fall into three distinct camps: admissions to De Montfort University, discount mattresses ...
And the reason’s why your hair is not cooperating.
A bad hair day doesn’t exclude anyone—one day, you could be waking up with an effortlessly stylish bed head, and the rest of the week you could be taming cowlicks and stray hairs to futile results. There are times when your locks ...
After three scorched summers of peroxide blonde, are ice-white lids going carrot top?
You may not have heard of KJ Apa. But 17 and a half million people have. On Instagram, naturally. For the land of #spon and money is fertile ground for new-gen pin-ups, and it's where the star has flourished on the back ...
For this week's Style Archive, we share Gorgeous George's curls of wisdom.
Today, the name 'George Clooney' conjures a familiar image in the click-happy hive mind of pop culture. He's often besuited. Sometimes boasts a close beard. And he almost always resides below an impressive, neat crop of well-seasoned hair.It takes quite some time to ...
Embrace your inner dapper don with these products.
If there's one area of vanity all men indulge in, it has to be their hair. There's nothing that makes a guy more confident than knowing his slicked-back hairdo is on point. Although monthly visits to your go-to barbershop will do the trick in ...
These hair experts will waste no time in giving you the mane of your dreams.
A list of T&C’s favorite hairstylists and their respective salons.Tinette’s has been around for more than 23 years. Owner and creative director Tinette Ozamiz Puyat first opened on Pasong Tamo, Makati before settling at San Antonio Plaza. The salon has a highly ...
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