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Master the fade. It’s not that scary.
Here you are at Day 40-something of not seeing other humans, and the strict order you’ve built for your life (sleep-wake-work-play-repeat) has crumbled. It started with your hair. What was once a tight fade is now growing into a caveman’s bush that ...
With barbers appointments on hold, it's time to cut your hair at home.
The wiry-haired, the thin-haired, the thick-haired, and the curly-haired—the red-haired, the glossy-haired, the limp-haired, even the no-haired: united we fall. For as the coronavirus trudges onwards, and our local barbering joints remain indefinitely closed, we're all taking a slow swan dive into the same abyss: bad ...
Give this mid-2010s favorite an update.
We all remember the undercut, an edgy, trendy haircut we saw on hipsters, guys working in finance, and even on the heads of A-list celebrities. Stars such as David Beckham, Conor McGregor, Brad Pitt, and Ewan McGregor all sported the look, anointing ...
Social distancing and shop closures means going the DIY route.
Let’s get real, one of the very real downsides to not being able to see your barber for the foreseeable future is not knowing when you’ll be able to get your next haircut. These tips will keep you looking fresh on those conference calls ...
For when the neighborhood barber doesn’t ‘cut’ it anymore.
While most of us will tell you we'd be happy to go our neighborhood barbero for a haircut, that's not always true.Men can be particular, so many of these modern "barberya" offer a smooth shave, a massage, and maybe even a cup of coffee or beer ...
These places make the cut (and your budget).
You may find yourself getting impatient with your girlfriend for spending an eternity getting ready, but there's one area of weakness all men have when it comes to vanity—their hair. Although it's certain you won't be using makeup any time soon, you're ...
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