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And yes, he pulls it off.
Brad Pitt turned up at the Academy Awards to present the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, which went to Yuh-Jung Youn for her role in Minari. This was a big deal—not only because the 73-year-old is both charming and devastating in Minari, but also ...
Whoever said going bald has to mean you’re getting old?
In case you missed it, John Travolta just went full bald.The Internet went crazy for it. They just can’t get enough of the 64-year-old actor’s new look, with some even saying that he brought back the "hotness" he had when he was ...
These places make the cut (and your budget).
You may find yourself getting impatient with your girlfriend for spending an eternity getting ready, but there's one area of weakness all men have when it comes to vanity—their hair. Although it's certain you won't be using makeup any time soon, you're ...
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