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Some serious scary stuff.
When you put down a book by Stephen King, or get to the credits of a Hitchcock film, you can breathe a sigh of relief and laugh off what just scared the shit out of you. It's fiction! But true horror stories, ones legitimized through respected news organizations, are ...
We double dare you.
As a country with a rich oral tradition, the Philippines is teeming with places enveloped with tales of our manananggal, tikbalang, kapre, and other creatures in local mythology. This time, we bring things closer to home and find out more about the legends that haunt ...
History and horror just in time for Halloween 
Ghost hunting is a tradition this time of year. While we don't suppose that spirits discriminate when it comes to geography, historical sites get a bad rep for allegedly housing otherworldly entities, especially when such places have a particularly violent past. While others ...
Maximize that costume.
Halloween is upon us once again, which means that it’s time to dress up and pretend to be someone (or something) else. Whether it’s fright night or light-hearted bash, we’ve got you covered on the places to be and parties to check out. Start putting together your ...
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