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If the walls of Intramuros could speak, imagine the stories they would tell.
“If the walls of Intramuros could speak, imagine the stories they could tell,” said Benjamin Canapi of WanderManila. Canapi’s One Night in Intramuros is a special Halloween online tour of the Walled City happening on October 30. ASLO READAbsolutely No Goofing Around at Fort ...
Timeless tales of witches, exorcisms, and other paranormal entities to keep you up at night.
It may seem like time has flown and we're not quite ready for Halloween, but these 12 classic horror films should put you in the mood for the holiday. Our only disclaimer is that these haunting flicks might keep you up all ...
From 'Gremlins' to 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' here are films for those who aren't so into silent nights.
The holidays can be a lot to take. They're fantastic if you're feeling the spirit, but on more Scrooge-like days the constantly jingling bells and unsolicited, unending stream of season's greetings can start to grate. Sometimes, you just need to head home ...
And one or two classics, because, hey, it’s Halloween.
Halloween is the perfect time to flex those creative muscles, but a duo costume is twice as hard (because, you know, twice the people). But instead of going the route of say, ketchup and mustard, try something that's a bit more relevant. ...
Marty McFly, Cliff Booth, and 12 other ways to embrace the holiday.
Halloween is the one time of year where adults and children alike can come together and dress up like the hooligans we all want to be. The only problem is, what should you be? The anxiety and required work often leads to guys just ...
Marvel at the beauty of these sites, and possibly have a ghostly encounter.
Shrouded in thick mystery, these destinations are backed by dark histories and bone-chilling tales that will surely keep you on your toes. Here is a list of hauntingly beautiful hotels and castles to visit around the world:The highest castle in France and now ...
These classic films are as terrifying as anything you'll see in the theater today.
As long as movies have been around, inventive and cunning filmmakers have been using motion pictures to scare the hell out of audiences. That's why contemporary horror films, with their gimmickry and gore abound, often are no match for the classic films ...
Viewer beware, you're in for a scare.
The '80s were a phenomenal time for aficionados of the gruesome, the gory, and the ghoulish. Both independent and mainstream cinematic offerings delivered chills that stayed with you long after you'd left the theater and curled up in bed, wondering about what ...
Ever wondered when exactly the first undead hand burst out of a graveyard? We've got you
You know the nuts and bolts of horror films: hands of the recently deceased punching through graveyard earth, children who refuse to emote, moments when something happens very unexpectedly and loudly because nothing's happened for about 10 minutes. Horror, more than most ...
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