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Don't feel guilty for going offline on weekends.
If it wasn’t already obvious, too much social media is bad for your mental health. For many of us, it’s an unavoidable part of the job. But come the weekend, make sure to go offline, because another study has proven that staying ...
Don't stress. Just do this to get what you need.
Getting sleep is an essential part of life. “Outside of bacon and sex, sleep is the most important thing on the planet,” says W. Chris Winter, MD, neurologist, sleep specialist, and author of numerous books on sleep including The Rested Child. And for good reason. ...
According to the DOH.
To avoid overpricing, the Department of Health has set a price limit on rapid antigen testing, including self-test kits that will take effect on Feb. 20.Rapid self-test antigen kits will be priced at a maximum of P350 based on a Jan. 28 ...
Beware the scroll hole.
We're all pretty much slaves to our social media feeds these days. Think about it, you start scrolling through it the moment you wake up and continue through late at night trying to end the day on a good note with a hilarious meme. ...
When was the last time you had a long talk?
In this age of media saturation, it’s easy to get consumed by endless memes and six-second TikTok videos. But this habit of wanting instant gratification and entertainment might just make us miss out on one of the criminally underrated joys of life: ...
Stay virus-free while helping family get better.
Two years into a global pandemic and people have gotten used to masks and restrictions, but households are rarely prepared for when COVID-19 strikes a member of the family.With a hyper-contagious Omicron variant driving a surge in cases, how do you keep safe ...
Do you need to talk?
Rough 2021? Let this be a sign for you in 2022—it might be time to get a therapist and pay extra attention to your mental health. The pandemic has only exacerbated our shared stress and anxiety, and if it’s getting too much ...
Give them all the treats.
Leave it to man’s best friend to get us through a global pandemic. Pets have always been the companions that get us through the toughest moments, and it looks like they helped us the most during the pandemic. According to data aggregator ...
Stay active, folks.
It's no surprise that most of us have had trouble staying physically active over quarantine. The stress, fear, worry, and grief that comes with a pandemic will do that to you. But, after more than year, it's time we change our habits. We're ...
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