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Time to stock up on fruits and veggies.
A new study says eating fruits and vegetables and exercising could be the secret to happiness.The research, led by the University of Kent and University of Reading, discovered more to the link between diets and exercise with lifestyle and well-being. Technically, we've always been ...
Hundreds of psychologists say it works.
Tris, 22, was dealing with five major life problems as the pandemic raged. She had just quit her toxic job, moved back into her childhood home, found out she was being cheated on by her then-boyfriend, and as if isolation wasn't enough, her grandmother died.Every day ...
It’s called the Lemon Test, and it may just be the new determiner of introversion.
Ever wanted to confirm whether you’re an introvert or not? Well, it looks like there’s a test that might confirm that, but it might be a little messy. A quick lemon test might be enough to tell you if you’re an introvert of ...
Paul Revelia boils it all down to these basic principles.
Losing weight isn’t always easy. As we’ve said before, creating a calorie deficit may be as simple as two easy steps, but sometimes in practice things get a little more complicated. To address some of those complexities—and set viewers straight on the fundamentals—fitness YouTuber ...
The Philippines isn't one of them.
Filipinos are a lot of things. Sure, we're a happy bunch that's known for being hospitable. But, physically fit we are not—for the most part at least. That's according to a new study that lists down the countries whose citizens exercise the most.Ipsos, ...
"If people start to believe that leisure is wasteful, they may end up being more depressed and more stressed."
Keeping busy is a coping mechanism for many, but it's definitely not for everybody. So, the next time someone tells you to prioritize productivity, think twice because a new study says leisure time is more important than we think.Researchers from the Ohio State ...
According to a study.
Plenty of people say that going to gym and working out is their form of therapy. Now, it seems the idea may not be so far-fetched.According to a University of New England in Australia study, high-intensity exercise, such as CrossFit, greatly helps with stress and ...
For professional gamers maybe.
Gaming isn't only fun but it can be good for us in other ways than previously thought. Physically, for one. A new study says gamers burn the same amount of calories as doing 1,000 sit-ups which if you've done a sit-up before ...
182 additional cases of Delta variant also detected.
The Philippines on Sunday reported its first case of the Lambda coronavirus variant, which has been classified as a variant of interest by the World Health Organization.The Department of Health said the country's first case of the Lambda variant is a 35-year-old ...
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