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According to the Department of Health.
The pandemic has made one thing apparent: when the going gets tough, the tough get... hoarding—at least those who can afford it. It's understandable as we're all in survival mode, and we can't really count on others to help us with hospitals full. ...
The Xupermask will set you back P15,000.
The country is back to square one. Yup, just when we thought we were closer to getting rid of face masks, COVID-19 cases have piled up once again. If you're in the market for even more masks, you'll be happy to know that ...
Is it a miracle drug?
Politicians around the world are advocating the use Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug that is commonly used on animals, to treat COVID-19. The Philippine Food and Drug Administration and it global counterparts have warned against it, saying its efficacy against the coronavirus disease is unproven.As the planet enters ...
Yes, you heard that right.
Be honest, how often do you use Google (or your search engine of choice) to look up medical symptoms? A lot, we're guessing? Well, we've got news for you. Turns out, Googling symptoms is not as harmful as previously thought.According to a ...
It estimates vaccination rate by age, comorbidities, and other criteria.
It's been over a year since the COVID-19 outbreak, and the vaccine rollout is now underway in the country. Still, not everybody can get vaccinated immediately. The groups on top of the priority list are frontline workers, senior citizens, and persons with comorbidities.If you're not ...
There's a connection between handgrip strength and suicidal thoughts in men.
Exercise changes lives. There's the physical aspect, of course, but what's often overlooked is its emotional and mental benefits. A study by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine shows just how helpful working out—lifting, specifically—is.The study reveals that muscle strength affects anxiety, depression, and ...
Now that the vaccine is here, we can talk about herd immunity.
This time last year when COVID-19 was still a relatively new word flashing in every headline, herd immunity was being brought up as a possible alternative to lockdowns. The idea shot down quickly. As epidemiologists have discussed before, the only time to ...
Dude, you need a break.
Sure, you always have tons of things to do, and working from home has seemingly amplified that with longer shifts and diminishing boundaries. So unless it’s part of your contract, put your foot down and keep your weekends sacred. The rest that your ...
Mental health is a serious issue.
The pandemic has pushed entire nations to the edge, and there is no better example than Japan, where suicide rates have spiked since the pandemic began ravaging the nation.In October alone, 880 women took their lives, which is a 70-percent surge from the year ...
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